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Windspeed Ltd (Vector Instruments), 115 Marsh Road, RHYL, N. Wales, LL18 2AB, United Kingdom.
Windspeed Limited (trading as Vector Instruments)
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Latest Weather...
(Rhyl, N.Wales, UK)
Wind Speed:  4.3 mph
Wind Direction:  014 °
Air Temp.:  18.8 °C
Rel. Humidity:  72.4 %
Rain (last Hr):  0.0 mm
(updated at: 12:42 UTC)

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    *** Celebrating more than 40 years manufacturing & servicing High Quality Vector Instruments Anemometers and Windvanes at Windspeed Ltd ***
    RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU, also known as RoHS2 (Formerly: RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC)
    April 2017 RoHS2 Update:
    In July 2017 our products will come into scope of RoHS2... We have already eliminated any non-RoHS2 compliant materials/parts from all products that we are currently manufacturing, and "checking/auditing" is on-going at this time after which we will update our product documentation/certification and this page, however we are confident that all currently manufactured products are already RoHS2 compliant.

    Statement on RoHS2:
    After examining the updated RoHS Directive RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS2) and the guidance notes from the UK Government and EU, Windspeed Limited has concluded that our products(1) are currently outside the scope(2) of the RoHS Directive and are therefore not required to comply with the RoHS Directive(3) at this time. Our products are for professional/industrial use, and as such will come within RoHS2 scope during 2017 and we expect all products to be compliant well before that time.


    (1) Our products are "Vector Instruments" branded anemometers, windvanes and temperature sensors intended for measuring the wind and weather in professional and industrial applications.

    (2) The scope of the RoHS Directive is defined using the product categories defined within the related WEEE Directive. Our products fall within the definition of "Industrial/Professional Monitoring and Control Instruments" (category 9) of the WEEE Directive, and this category does NOT come within the scope of the RoHS2 Directive until 2017.

    (3) While our products themselves are not required to be compliant, it is important that customers and OEMs are careful NOT to integrate our products into another finished product or system which they intend to "place on the market" if that finished product or system might fall within the scope of the RoHS directive which would mean that ALL parts of such a system would need to comply. We do not usually have full knowledge of the systems and products into which our products are incorporated and we cannot therefore be held liable should a customer wrongly do so. It is the customers responsibility to investigate the requirement for RoHS compliance of their end product. It is however Windspeed Limited company policy to eventually convert all of our products to RoHS Compliant versions where possible and as soon as possible. Please check with our sales office for more details if required.

    (4) Most of our products do not contain any of the RoHS prohibited substances, but we have not yet performed the necessary audits to be able to formally state RoHS compliance. To achieve compliance, our A100R and A100R/K products will require changes which will affect the specification - check our web pages for these products for more details.

    Windspeed Ltd (Vector Instruments)
    Windspeed Limited (trading as Vector Instruments),
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