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    A100L2 Low Power Anemometer (Analog+Pulse Outputs)
    Datasheet: login to download This anemometer was developed from the proven A100 Porton™ instrument and R30 rotor design in response to demand for an anemometer offering pulse/frequency and analogue voltage outputs while consuming little supply current.

    The low power consumption, wide power supply range and choice of pulse/frequency and analogue voltage output signals make this anemometer a popular choice for use with data loggers for applications such as general meteorology and wind-power site surveying as this instrument has first class performance.

    A slotted disk interrupting a light beam is used to detect the motion of the calibrated R30 series 3-cup rotor and hence determine the wind speed. The internal electronics condition this pulse signal for output as a 5V squarewave and use it to generate an analogue voltage proportional to the wind speed.

    The A100L2 has a "secondary" analog/voltage output signal in addition to the "primary" pulse/frequency output signal, however the analog/voltage signal is less accurate (see specsheet) and we advise that only the pulse/frequency signal be used in applications requiring the highest accuracy (such as Wind Assessment).

    Please refer to the A100LK for a similar anemometer with pulse/frequency output signal only.

    For similar anemometers with a larger, and more stable, analog/voltage output signal type, please refer to our A100L2/E or A100L2/H anemometer models.

    Construction is from anodised aluminium alloys, stainless steels and weather resisting plastics for exposed parts. Precision corrosion resistant ball-races and a stainless steel shaft enable the R30 rotor response to produce a highly sensitive yet robust instrument suitable for continuous exposure to the weather.

    Options for this anemometer include:
  • /PC3 Anti-Surge protection
  • /HE-4 Internal Anti-Icing Heater
  • /HE-1 & /HE-2 External/Retrofit Anti-Icing Heaters
  • /WR Marine Version

  • Note: /WR, /HE-1 and /HE-2 are not recommended for high precision applications.

    The recommended mounting adaptors for use with this instrument are our type 405 and 405-1 series.

    Vector Instruments A100L2 Anemometers are among the very few available having Class 1 performance ("First Class") according to the requirements of IEC and MEASNET standards.

    Specification Highlights:

  • Threshold:
  • 0.15m/s (0.3Kt)
  • Starting Speed:
  • 0.2m/s (0.4Kt)
  • Stopping Speed:
  • 0.1m/s (0.2Kt)
  • Maximum Windspeed:
  • over 75m/s (146Kts)
  • Temperature Range:
  • -30 to +70 °C
  • Accuracy (Pulse O/P):
  • 1% of reading between 20Kts and 110Kts (2% above 110Kts, 0.2Kts below 20Kts)
  • Non-Linearity (Pulse O/P):
  • 0.4% full-range output frequency (correction curve supplied)
  • Distance Constant:
  • 2.3m +/-10% (R30 rotor)
  • Overall Non-Linearity (Analog O/P):
  • 0.9% FRO (0..150Kts, at const. temp/supply voltage, rotor+ratemeter correction curve supplied).
  • Temperature stability (Analog O/P):
  • +/-2% of output (over -30..+40°C range).
  • Supply Voltage:
  • 6.5..28V DC (max 2mA, average is typically less than 1mA)
  • Analog Output Signal:
  • 0 to 2.5V = 0 to 150Kts
  • Pulse Output Signal:
  • 0V / 5V, at 10Hz per Knot (i.e. 0..1500Hz = 0-150Kts)
  • Resolution:
  • 5.15cm
  • Rotor:
  • 3-cup R30K (standard)
  • Dimensions:
  • This instrument is constructed using our standard rotor and anemometer body design and dimensions.
  • Wiring/Connections (Cable colours):
  • For wiring details click HERE
  • Cable:
  • 3m (9ft10in) permanently attached 6-conductor* cable with braided shield/screen as standard. Longer lengths are available to order (up to 115m). Spec: Def Stan 61-12 part 4, 0.22mm²(∼24AWG). *Note: 8-conductor used for /HE4 models.
  • MEASNET/IEC Calibration Certificate (optional extra):
  • The A100L2 Anemometer is available with an IEC/MEASNET Calibration Certificate on the pulse/frequency output channel (for an additional charge)
  • Regulatory/Certifications: :
  • CE and UKCA Marked for RoHS3 (RoHS2+Phthlatales amendments) and EMC

  • Obtaining best accuracy
  • Reliability & Safety
  • Specifications are correct at time of writing and may change without notice. Please contact us to confirm the latest specifications.

    Additional Information:

    This instrument is commonly used in conjunction with our W200P Windvane.
    FAQ: Obtaining Slope/Offset Figures
    FAQ: IP Ratings
    Please call/email us if you would like access to additional product information, data and specification sheets for this product.
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