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(Rhyl, N.Wales, UK)
Wind Speed:  3.0 mph
Wind Direction:  226 °
Air Temp.:  15.5 °C
Rel. Humidity:  90.8 %
Rain (last Hr):  0.0 mm
(updated at: 20:57 UTC)

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Celebrating more than 50 years manufacturing & servicing High Quality Vector Instruments Anemometers and Windvanes at Windspeed Ltd
Instrument Repairs/Spares, Refurbishment/Overhaul (and Used Instruments)

.Low Maintenance, Long Service Life
Due to our use of high-quality parts and manufacturing processes, our "Vector Instruments" brand A100 Series Anemometers and W200P Series Windvanes can operate for long periods, without needing any servicing or maintenance, while continuing to provide measurement accuracy exceeding that of competing "no moving parts" sensors.

.Instrument Repairs/Spares, Refurbishment/Overhaul (and Used Instruments)
For instruments that have already given years of service in the field, or instruments which have become damaged, we offer a Maintenance/Repair/Refurbishment service for the instruments we manufacture, along with (re)calibration services for our anemometers & windvanes.

Maintenance, Repair and Recalibration services
are now available direct from the original Manufacturer
for all Vector Instruments anemometers/windvanes.

The "Vector Instruments (Windspeed Ltd)" factory at Rhyl in the U.K.
is the ONLY "Manufacturer Approved" Repair/Maintenance Facility
for Vector A100 Series Anemometers and W200 Series Windvanes

...let the experts in our factory maintain your sensors for
peak performance, accuracy, reliability and a long service life.

Our factory aims to achieve a repaired/refurbished anemometer/windvane which performs "as new". Anemometers are completely stripped-down, electronics tested/adjusted as necessary, re-used parts are cleaned, then the anemometer is rebuilt using a brand-new bearings/spindle set and cable. Rotors are completely rebuilt with new cups and locking mechanism. Similar procedures are applied to windvanes. Having access to all original parts and test equipment means that the results of our Factory repair/refurbishment work is superior to the "field repairs" that others may offer.

Using our Factory Repair/Refurbishment services ensures that the value of your investment in "Vector Instruments" sensors is maximized by way of continued high-performance and accuracy over many years, and over many measurement campaigns/deployments at different sites.

WARNING: We have recently noticed that a number of resellers and online-outlets are now claiming to be "Approved"
to offer repair and maintenance/servicing for our anemometers and windvanes...

We HAVE NOT approved any of those third-parties, and do not endorse them in any way.

For official/approved maintenance/servicing and repair/refurbishment of your instruments,
please contact us at for details of the services our factory can offer.

All Vector Instruments sensors are constructed in weather-resisting plastics, anodised aluminium and stainless steels for a long service life. If an instrument/rotor is damaged, or a problem develops, or if you wish to bring some old instruments back into service, we offer a complete repair and re-calibration service for all instruments of our manufacture which can usually bring most instruments back to a "near-new" level of performance/accuracy.*

Regular maintenance, servicing and recalibration ensures that the instruments you purchase from us continue to perform to their full specification.*

Note: Dis-assembling an anemometer for maintenance (e.g. to change the bearings) will invalidate any MEASNET calibration. We have been advised by MEASNET that their calibrations are normally only valid for 12 months in the field (assuming the anemometer is installed within 6 months of the calibration test). In high-accuracy applications, we advise that anemometers be returned to us for maintenance/overhaul between deployments - we can arrange for a new MEASNET calibration after maintenance/overhaul where required.

Because a comprehensive servicing, repair and refurbishment service is now offered by our factory, service/spares kits and spare-parts are no longer generally available (except in exceptional circumstances).

* Please contact us for details of these services. Note that while repair or refurbishment of very old instruments may be possible, it may not be economically viable, so be cautious when buying any old "used" instruments from third-parties.


Used (Second-Hand, Pre-Owned) Instruments:

"Vector Instruments" wind sensor products which the original purchaser no longer requires occasionally find their way onto online auction sites, and other unofficial/unapproved outlets.

We advise that you are cautious regarding any claims that any online sellers may make about the condition, calibration-status, and history of any "used" instruments such as those. Our Factory is the only approved repair/maintenance facility for the instruments we manufacture.

Any such instruments are not being sold by us, and are almost always out of warranty, often have outdated/invalid calibrations, and we may not be able to support/help you with them unless they are subsequently refurbished, repaired or recalibrated by our factory.

When considering purchase of any "used" instruments, we advise that you check carefully before buying whether the instruments offered are (a) genuine items, and (b) have been properly maintained and/or repaired/refurbished if a seller claims that.

If you do buy some "used" instruments and find that they are in need of maintenance/repair or refurbishment work, or need calibration, we would be happy to examine them and quote a price for any necessary repair/refurbishment and calibration work at our factory.

If you have a limited budget for your project, and that is your reason for considering purchasing used instruments from online auction sites, we sometimes have "ex-demo" or "nearly-new" or "used" instruments available - please contact us at explaining your requirements, circumstances and budget and we can check what might be available.
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