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(Rhyl, N.Wales, UK)
Wind Speed:  4.0 mph
Wind Direction:  227 °
Air Temp.:  15.5 °C
Rel. Humidity:  91.1 %
Rain (last Hr):  0.0 mm
(updated at: 21:12 UTC)

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Celebrating more than 50 years manufacturing & servicing High Quality Vector Instruments Anemometers and Windvanes at Windspeed Ltd
windvanes The W200 series windvanes are high quality instruments for measuring wind direction, which have proven themselves over many years in applications from general meteorology to wind assessment.

Our windvanes are all "premium quality", our standard W200P windvane is a popular & durable choice for demanding Wind Assessment applications, having "First Class" performance to meet the requirements of the IEC61400-12-1 standard.

A NEW introduction is our First Class, Large Vane W200P/FC windvane, a design evolved from our proven standard W200P windvane for higher sensitivity (lower threshold) as well as higher maximum wind speed rating, and to include a 10K ohm potentiometer for enhanced datalogger compatability.

Four basic types are available: The First Class W200P/FC, the W200P and W200P/L.

bulletThe W200P/FC is a high resolution instrument fitted with a 10K ohm potentiometer of robust design, and the new F20/FC large fin/vane for high sensitivity (picture: right).

bulletThe W200P is a high resolution instrument fitted with a 1K ohm potentiometer of robust design, and a standard/traditional F20 fin/vane (picture: left/upper).

bulletThe W200P/L is a "Light Duty" instrument fitted with a low-torque 2K ohm potentiometer, and is more responsive to light winds than the standard W200P (but is less robust).

bulletThe Self-Referencing SRW1 Series Windvanes (special order product, picture: left/lower) which include an internal compass system are also available and are pouplar for use on mobile platforms such as buoys at sea.

Our windvanes are robustly constructed using weather resisting plastics, anodised aluminium and stainless steels enabling them to withstand continuous exposure to the weather including marine environments.

The fixed-reference W200 Series Windvanes all share the same basic construction and use one of the F20 series Fins/Vanes (vane-arms), different internal modules/components are used to provide different output signals.

  Available windvane types include:
  • Potentiometric, First Class (10K Pot)
    - W200P/FC Windvane
    (A durable, robust, First Class windvane, fitted with a large vane for high sensitivity while retaining a high survival wind speed rating of >80m/s - ideal for most data-loggers and demanding applications, where durability and high sensitivity is required)

  • Potentiometric (1K Pot)
    - W200P Windvane
    (A durable, robust windvane ideal for most data-loggers and demanding applications)

  • Potentiometric (2K Pot)
    - W200P/L Windvane (Low-Torque, Light Duty)
    (also ideal for most data-loggers and for Light Duty applications like general meteorology, agrometeorology etc)

  • Self-Referencing Encoder
    (Gray-code output)

    - SRW1G Windvane

Options common to all the windvanes include:
First Class W200P/FC Dimensions (with F20/FC large vane):
W200P/FC (fixed-reference) First Class Windvane Dimensions
Standard W200P and W200P/L Dimensions:
W200 (fixed-reference) Windvane Series Dimensions
SRW1G Windvane Dimensions:
SRW1 (self-referencing) Windvane Series Dimensions

Unlike some other manufacturers, we do not manufacture a "combined" wind speed and wind direction sensor. With our product range you have the flexibility to chose an anemometer and windvane with appropriate output signals and mount them together at the top of a mast using one our 405-1 series mounting arms.

Note: The design of the catch/locking-mechanism attaching the fins (vane-arm assemblies) to these windvanes is protected by a number of Patents, including GB2521914B, US9404935, EP2921722.

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