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Side Mounting Arms
Various side-mounting arms are available which can be used to mount an anemometer, windvane, or temperature/humidity sensor part-way up a mast or pole.

Note: These side-arms are intended for "general meteorology" applications and are generally not suitable for high-precision applications (e.g. wind assessment) we recommend that only our 405 single-mount in conjunction with suitably dimensioned custom side-arms/booms are used in those cases (refer to IEA-11 and IEC61400-121 for guidance)

Our new 415 Universal Instrument Side-Arm" replaces the 405E, 405E-L2 and 405-OM (which will only be available until stocks are exhausted).

The type 415 Universal Instrument Side-Arm is designed for mounting T351 series temperature screens & sensors, the type 415 universal side mounting arm is constructed from heavy-gauge silver-coloured epoxy painted stainless steel for maximum resistance to the weather & corrosion.

- The 415 may also be used to mount A100 Series Anemometers and W200 Series Windvanes in general meteorological applications replacing most older 405 series side-arms and 405-1 series dual/cross-arms.

415 Fixing Kits:
A selection of "fixing kits" is available to fit the 415 arm to poles/masts ranging from 1inch (25.4mm) to 12inch (305mm) diameters without requiring specially made "top-fittings" or "adaptors". The arm"s design allows fitting to both round and square section poles, and to the corners of lattice masts, and a pair of arms can be mounted "back-to-back" at the top of a pole to serve as a "cross-arm" to mount a pair of instruments at the top of a mast. Direct wall-mounting is also possible. The 415 can also be used "upside down" to support T302 temp sensors and SW120 wetness sensors.

Available fixing kits are:
/S - to fix to 1in to 2in dia. poles/masts (uses stainless-steel V-bolt)
/M - to fix to 2in to 6in dia. poles/masts (uses 11mm stainless-steel strap)
/L - to fix to 6in to 12in dia. poles/masts (uses 16mm stainless-steel strap)

Note that this 415 arm is NOT suitable for mounting A100/W200 series instruments in wind-assessment applications, or similar applications, where the highest accuracy/performance is required - Please request information on our type 405 pole mounting adaptors in those cases.

415 Universal Instrument side Mounting Arm Specification Summary:
Operating temperature range:-40 to +85degC
Arm Material:Silver Epoxy-Coated Corrosion-Resistant 304 Stainless-Steel
Arm Weight:0.5 Kg
Fixing Kits Materials:Corrosion-Resistant A2 Stainless-Steel
Fixing Kits Wt.:0.05 Kg (kit /S), 0.05 Kg (kit /M), 0.15 Kg (kit /L)
Sensor Fixing Hole:6.5mm dia. To suit M6 or 0.25in. UNC bolt/screw
(at 350mm nom. from pole centre when fitted to 2in dia. pole)
Arm Mounting Holes:6off, 7mm dia.
Arm Mounting Slots:2off, to suit upto 16mm wide strap/band
Max. Sensor Weight:1 Kg.
For full 415 Mounting arm product specification/details, please refer to the datasheet (login/download, or request from our Sales Office).

Please call/email us if you would like access to additional product information, data and specification sheets for this product.

T351 temp sensor on 415 arm

W200P windvane on 415 arm

two 415 arms used as a cross-arm for 2 wind sensors
dimensions of 415 arm


obsolete side arms
Side Arm Dimensions:

obsolete side arm dimensions
obsolete 405EL2 side arm dimensions


Mast-top T351 Mini-Screen Adaptor Arm:

The 405-OM Offset Mount arm is intended for mounting a T351 Temperature Sensor/Screen on to a 405-1 Series Dual Mounting Arm (Cross-Arm) together with an anemometer and windvane. The 405-OM is now obsolete - please use the 415 Universal Instrument Side-Arm above instead.

obsolete 405-OM mounting arm Dimensions:
obsolete 405-OM mounting arm dimensions
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