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Anemometer Rotors
Anemometer Rotor All of the A100 Series Anemometers manufactured by Vector Instruments utilise a highly sensitive yet robust 3-cup rotor from our R30 series.

Manufactured from weather-resisting plastics, anodised aluminium and stainless steels, each rotor is individually calibrated in our own wind tunnel at one windspeed (9m/s) by comparison to one of a set of reference rotors which are themselves independently calibrated and traceable to international standards. Most other manufacturers do not offer any individual calibration as standard.
The R30 series rotors are fixed to the anemometer using a unique PATENTED gravity-sensitive fastener which does away with the need for any rotor clamping screws, making it easy and quick to fit/remove, but ensuring it stays securely fitted while in service.

The standard rotor is available as R30K, R30K2, R30M3, R30M and R30S which have different calibrations and are for use with different anemometer types.

While rotors are physically interchangeable between all anemometer types, it should be ensured that the correct calibration/type is used with an anemometer to guarantee that the rated signal is output by the anemometer.

As a rule, it is advisable to keep anemometer/rotor pairs together (anemometer/rotor pairs are identified by labels on the boxes when the items are shipped.

For FIRST CLASS applications: only instruments using the R30K, R30K2 or R30M3 rotors should be used.

Special Anemometer/Rotor Options/Variants:

NEW: A "Severe Environment" ( /SE ) option is now available for the First Class A100 Series Anemometers for applications where extra measures are necessary to improve performance/reliability in extreme conditions. The well proven First Class R30K, R30K2 and R30M3 rotors have been subtly refined to produce variants which retain all of the external features/dimensions of the original R30 rotors and therefore maintains "First Class performance characteristics". The subtle rotor refinements are designed to enhance operation and reliability in arduous conditions, and together with additional improvements to the anemometer body shell sealing the "/SE" option is an ideal choice for A100 Series Anemometers which will be used in Severe Environments where First Class performance is required together with high accuracy and reliable performance, such as in Offshore Wind Assessment or Wind Turbine Control applications. If required, it is possible for our factory to convert most existing instruments to the /SE option specification as part of a repair/refurbishment program.

NEW: Also available is the updated "/WR3" Marine/Offshore option, which is a lower-cost "marine" variant which is also now available for both A100 Series Anemometers and W200P Series Windvanes. /WR3 can replace /WR in most existing installations. The /WR3 is an up-rated/improved version of the older/discontinued "/WR" marine option, and includes elements of both the /SE (above) and the discontinued /WR option to give increased protection against water/dirt ingress. /WR3 eliminates the old "rubber touching seals" of the /WR option, and instead includes a close-fitting metal seal (non-touching) plus a side-clamping screw on the rotor/fin for additional security in severe conditions.

Before the availability of the /SE and /WR3 options, the now discontinued "Marine" ( /WR ) versions of the R30 series rotors were available which used non-standard rotors designed to reduce the likelyhood of ingress of sea/salt water and/or sand/dust (e.g. R302) - For reference, some of these non-standard rotors are shown below, however these non-standard rotors are not recommended for new installations/instruments - see the /SE or /WR3 Option instead - the /SE or /WR3 option is likely to outperform the older /WR (marine) versions, however only the /SE option is suitable for "Wind Assessment""applications requiring First Class characteristics.

R302 - This is a "Tight-Skirt" marine-spec rotor, used for the original /WR marine option.

NEW: R303B - This is a R30 rotor with a side-clamping screw added for additional security.

NEW: R303BB - This is a R303B rotor with a side-clamping screw, plus black rotor cups.

NEW: R304B - This is a R302 "Tight-Skirt" marine-spec rotor with a side-clamping screw added for additional security. The R304B rotor is used when the /WR3 option is ordered.

Anemometer Rotor

Rotor fitting/removal instructions are available in the "Help..." section.

Please call/email us if you would like access to additional product information, data and specification sheets for this product.
Note: The design of the catch/locking-mechanism attaching these rotors to anemometers is protected by a number of Patents, including GB2521914B, US9404935, EP2921722.
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