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(Rhyl, N.Wales, UK)
Wind Speed:  9.6 mph
Wind Direction:  310 °
Air Temp.:  12.1 °C
Rel. Humidity:  95.1 %
Rain (last Hr):  0.0 mm
(updated at: 03:41 UTC)

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Voltage/Current Output Temperature/Humidity Probes/Screens
T351-HMP110 voltage output Relative Humidity (or Dewpoint) and Temperature Sensor with Screen/Shield.

Datasheet: login to download An 8-plate/dish version of our T351 miniature shield/screen is available fitted with a HMP110 voltage output RH & Temperature sensor as our T351-HMP110 Voltage Output RH&T Sensor with Screen/Shield.

The T351 series of screens/shield is a deceptively simple design shown to perform well, considering it's small size and low cost, when compared to much larger & more expensive shields/screens during recent WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) trials. Performance is comparable to that of the “traditional” Stevenson Screen. The compact/lightweight design allows free passage of air and the naturally ventilated circular louvred design, with white polished surfaces, results in a low temperature rise (error) due to solar radiation by day, and a low temperature drop (error) due to outward radiation to clear skies at night.

Operating from 5 to 28V DC at as little as 1mA (5mA peak), this product can be configured for your desired temperature/humidity measuring ranges (within -40/+85C and 0/100% RH), with 0-1V, 0-2.5V, 0-5V* or 1-5V* output signals orderable for each channel. (min. 8V DC supply required for 0-5V/1-5V o/p ranges).

It comes with a Calibration Certificate and a 10m cable as standard, and can also be configured for a Dewpoint output.

With sensor accuracies of as good as +/-1.7%RH (0-90%RH) and +/-0.2C (0-40C), it is suitable for many applications, and can be interfaced to most commonly used dataloggers. The HMP110 sensor is a higher specification/accuracy version of the HMP60 sensor used in products offered by some other manufacturers.

Industrial users often require the temperature/RH signal to be presented as a conditioned 4-20mA current loop signal - this can be achieved by using a voltage output sensor with a suitable off-the-shelf commercially available industrial DIN-rail mounted voltage-to current-converter module for each channel.

Our 415 Universal Side Mounting Arm and fixing-kits are available to mount the T351-HMP110 to a range of poles/towers with diameters between 1 inch (25mm) and 12 inches (305mm). The 415 arm can also be wall-mounted.

For full T351-HMP110 product specification/details, please refer to the datasheet (login/download, or request from our Sales Office).

Please call/email us if you would like access to additional product information, data and specification sheets for this product.

Please contact us for details of other Voltage/Current Output Temperature/Humidity Probes/Screens which may be available.
Windspeed Ltd (Vector Instruments)
Windspeed Limited (trading as Vector Instruments),
113 Marsh Road, RHYL, North Wales, LL18 2AB, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1745 350700   Fax: +44 (0) 1745 344206
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