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(Rhyl, N.Wales, UK)
Wind Speed:  8.2 mph
Wind Direction:  315 °
Air Temp.:  12.3 °C
Rel. Humidity:  96.0 %
Rain (last Hr):  0.0 mm
(updated at: 02:34 UTC)

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T351 Air Temperature Sensor/Screen
Datasheet: login to download
  • Solar (Sun) Shield
  • Rain Shield
  • Low Cost
  • Light-Weight
  • Compact/Tough

Our T351-G series Screens/Shields are low-cost, light-weight and compact weather shields/screens for meteorological and industrial applications which can be used to provide protection from the weather for a wide range of probes/sensors including Air Temperature (PRT, RTD, Thermistor, Thermostat etc.) & Humidity (RH) sensors.

  • A deceptively simple design shown to perform well, considering it's small size and low cost, when compared to much larger & more expensive shields/screens during recent WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) trials. Performance is comparable to that of the “traditional” Stevenson Screen.
  • A compact design allowing free passage of air – The naturally ventilated circular louvred design, with white polished surfaces, results in a low temperature rise (error) due to solar radiation by day, and a low temperature drop (error) due to outward radiation to clear skies at night.
  • Mountable to a wide range of poles/masts/towers using our 415 universal mounting arm & fixing-kits.
  • Screen/Shield can easily be opened for access to check/calibrate the probe and/or clean the screen.
  • Also available with RTD/PRT or Thermistor temperature sensing probes, or with HMP110 RH&T probe providing conditioned voltage-outputs for relative-humidity/dewpoint and temperature.
  • Variants available to suit your existing/preferred sensors/probes with diameters between 3 and 17.5mm
  • Some variants also include an internal 'gauze' to protect the probe from raindrops (useful when the probe is a combined temp/RH type).

T351 Screens for existing probes:
The T351 is available as the following variants for use with existing probes or other probes of the customer's choice:

Note that we may be able to offer a customised T351G screen version if the types above are not suitable. All the above screens provide a mounting point, except for the T351-G25 which assumes that the (large) probe has its own mounting arrangements.

Note that it may be possible to manufacture custom/special screen/probe combinations (using customer's choice of sensing element) if reasonable quantities are required.

Mounting accessories for the T351 range (not T351-G25) include our 415 Universal Side-Mounting Arm.

Specification Highlights:

  • Screen Efficiency:
  • 2.3°C/KW/m2 at 1m/s windspeed.
    (temp rise due to solar radiation)
  • Operating Range:
  • -40 to +80°C
  • Max. Wind Speed:
  • over 75m/s (168MPH).
  • Weight:
  • approx. 90g (6-dish screen, without probe).
  • Screen/Shield Fixing:
  • 1/4inch BSW/UNC screw (provided) (excluding T351G25 variant)
  • Shield Materials:
  • Nylon/Polyamide, Polycarbonate, ABS, Aluminium, Stainless-Steel
  • Probe/Sensor Clamping:
  • via Polyamide compression gland (gland size varies with T351-G model)

    Specifications are correct at time of writing and may change without notice. Please contact us to confirm the latest specifications.
    Please call/email us if you would like access to additional product information, data and specification sheets for this product.
    Windspeed Ltd (Vector Instruments)
    Windspeed Limited (trading as Vector Instruments),
    113 Marsh Road, RHYL, North Wales, LL18 2AB, United Kingdom
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